The third generation of shoemakers who had moved from the hills around Parma, from 1954, are at your service in Milan.

Since Antonio Riccò, in late 1800 began the business of a shoemaker in Tizzano Val Parma, many years have passed.
His son, Secondo Ricco continued the family business, then moved to its current headquarters in Milan Via Pezzotti 55 and here the tradition is brought forward again by Mario Riccò, current owner of the shoe store.

The business has evolved over the years, changing different styles, improving with the advent of new technologies and widening in different sectors of sale.
La Mondiale today offers accessories for the care of the shoe, polishes Saphir, with 32% of beeswax and carnauba, horsehair brushes, sprays and liquid dyes, shoelaces 100% cotton, wax,  leather , anti-odor insoles, leather tan sweat stopper, musk for the prevention of heartburn to use fresh condition 100% cotton or 100% wool in warm weather.
Accessories for Foot Care: beauty case for the care of nails and calluses, protection for the fingers (to give relief to conditions such as hammer toe, heel spurs and protector nodes) and anti-blisters in silicon gel, non-allergenic and non-toxic.
We offer solutions to keep your shoes in shape, preventing wrinkles by using a filler in plastics, precious wood, cedar wood and foam.
To avoid hassles, due to a shoe too tight, we have stretchers that stretch and that put tension on the shoe to achieve the desired size.
Insoles for comfort of the sport, of leather care products for waterproofing, washing, feeding, polishing objects in smooth leather, suede, nubuck, painted and fabric.
Slippers for men and women, for intern and extern with soft real leather insoles for a walk always comfortable and fashionable, walking sticks made of beech wood, folding to travel, and adjustable in height.
The shop has also useful cleaning travel kit and accessories to order your things, shoehorns in metal, precious wood and horn.
Umbrellas for men and women, fiberglass and aluminum, teflon fabric, windproof,by fashion brands  Vogue ©  Luciano Soprani ©.
Belts handcrafted, all-leather, leather, calfskin, crocodile and python, both classic and sports for all your needs, also available in size XXL.

As far as the service we provide repair and resoling heels in leather and rubber John Rendenbach ©,  Vibram ©, with which we have been certified as official repairers "Vibram Premium Shoemaker authorized", washing and stain removal footwear suede, nubuck and leather for the removal of stains greasy, black spots and streaks of rain by rubbing, polishing, Width / stretching shoes and replacing the insole.

If you want to be sure of the presence of a product in the store, you can contact us by telephone on +39 347 4185154 at the following times: Mon - Fri: 8:30 to 12:30 am / 3:30 to 7:30 pm, Sat: 8:30 to 12:30. am
If the product is currently out of stock, you can place an order anyway: we will send the waiting time (usually less than 1 week).